How it Works

  • Subscribe to an Expert Tipster
  • Become an Expert Tipster
  • It’s easy. To team up with BetEdge and our network of tipsters all you need to do is register with us and pick your favourite tipster to subscribe with and you’re away. All our tipsters are monitored and audited by us and therefore we can verify their record as reported on our site.

    As you are probably aware, we are launching our website with free access to all areas. What this means is that anyone can subscribe to anyone for a 30 day period and can continue to do so while BetEdge lets our users familiarise themselves with the website.

    Now at BetEdge you can team up with the sports tipsters of the entire BetEdge community.


    Step One:  Register with BetEdge

    In order to subscribe to a BetEdge tipster you must first register. It is a simply, easy process that will only take a minute to complete. Simply click on "Sign up for an account" on the right hand side of the home page and follow the prompts. Complete all the mandatory fields and then submit. You will then have a confirmation email sent to your nominated email account. You must open this email and click on the link before your account becomes active. Once you have clicked on the link in your email you are ready to go!

    Step Two: Review Available Tipsters and Hot Streaks

    There are two ways you can review the performance of a BetEdge Tipster. Firstly you can click on the leaderboard and review a wide range of tipsters on screen at one time. From there you can click on an individual tipster to view his profile and history in more detail. You can review records for all listed Tipping Experts per sport and by different time periods.

    HINT:- Click and drag across a tipsters graph to zoom in on sections of results or just hover over a point to view their record at that time!

    Step Three: Subscribe to your chosen Tipster

    It is almost too easy - Simply click the subscribe button of the BetEdge Tipster you have chosen and follow the prompts. There is currently only a "Free 30 Trial" option so it is hopefully a straight forward process for you!

    Step Four: View your tips

    At this point you will be able to view the current active tips the BetEdge Tipster you have subscribed to on your dashboard page. You will also recieve any new tips the Tipster submits via an email that is automatically sent to your nominated account.

    Well that's essentially it! We hope you enjoy receiving the benefits of subscribing to BetEdge tipsters with excellent tipping records!


  • Do you think that you a good sports bettor? Think you can consistantly show a return? Here is your opputunity to  become a professional online tipper. Create a free membership and join the BetEdge community. 

    At BetEdge we offer a great way for skilled sports tippers to prove themselves in an easy to use forum. Just register as a BetEdge Tipster following the below steps and you’re your ready to go.

    Step 1: Registration

    Firstly, you must sign up to an account. This first level of registration on BetEdge enables you to subscribe to BetEdge Tipsters. If you are unsure about how to do this, click on “Create an account” and follow the prompts. (see Subscribe to a Tipster)

    Step 2: Become a Tipster

    Once logged into your account, you will see a “Become your own Tipster” link on your Dashboard. Simply follow this link and complete the form as required. You may choose to include a bio on your profile which can inform your viewers a bit about yourself or be used as an opportunity to provide a bit of personality to your profile.

    NOTE:- Be sure to choose a nickname(username) that you are happy with as you will not be able to change this at a later date.

    Once you have completed this form you will told on screen when you have successfully become a BetEdge Tipster.

    Step 3: Enter your tips

    Now the fun part – entering your tips. You will note that your dashboard button has changed. Clicking on this button enables you to switch between a the Subscriber Dashboard and the Tipster Dashboard. Once you are in the Tipster Dashboard simply click on the Enter Tips button to take you to the form to enter tips.

    The tips submission form should be fairly self explanatory and intuitive. Be sure to note the mandatory fields when completing your form. You will note on the lower right hand side of the form a “Add another tip above” button. Click on this link to add another form so you can complete more than tip at a time. You can continue to add as many tip forms as you have tips. If you change your mind about a tip and want to remove it, click on the  button and that tip will be removed.

    Step 4: Verifying and confirming tips

    Once you have submitted your tips, they have not been sent. They are now stored on the system for your final review and confirmation. This step is so that you can have one last read through of what you are about to send to your subscribers before you hit the send button.

    Have one last read through and check of your tips by clicking on the “Review Tips” button. Once you are happy hit the “Send Tips” button. You’re done! Your tips have now been sent to your subscribers. Be sure to check back after the completion of the event to see the results on your record.


    BetEdge constantly markets our BetEdge Tipping Experts and this occurs in the numerous ways:

    1. We have a team constantly promoting and advertising the BetEdge Tipping Experts on relevant forums, blogs, and other web media. (There is no harm in you talking yourself up in forums either!)

    2. We implement on your behalf regular inclusion on the free daily tip (which shows the providing tipper helping you create a supporter base).  By occasionally providing one of your tips free, we provide an open mechanism to showcase positive results and thereby generate more subscriptions to view all your tips. We called upon to provide a free tip, we will confer with you before posting.

    3. Comprehensive leader boards which showcase the strongest performers over the long and short term as well as in an individual sports. These put you right in front of BetEdge subscribers.