BetEdge FAQ

Is the website updated daily?

Yes the website is continually updated each day to ensure all results are up to the minute and all subscribers and tipsters can track the performance.

How many tips are released a day?

This depends largely on which tipster you select and which sports they cover. A good way to get an indication of how many tips you are likely to receive is to see how many tips they have provided in the last few months by reviewing the past picks history. 

When do we receive the tips?

Once again this will depend largely on which tipster you select, but it can range anywhere from a few days to a couple of hours before an event. We encourage our tipsters to provide their tips as early as possible in order to give you sufficient time to place the bet.

How do I view tips?

Once you have subscribed to a tipster all tips will be emailed to your nominated email address and you can also view them when you log in via your ‘dashboard’ located under 'subscriber dashboard'.

How are the tips rated?

All of our tips are rated via a unit system between 1 and 10, with 10 being a very strong bet and 1 being more a speculative  bet. This unit system is adopted to provide our expert tipster some guidance to each tip and allows them to weight their bet  accordingly if they so choose. It is also consistent with our sports investment strategy which centers on smart money  management: Sports Betting Strategy.

What does a unit mean?

A unit represents a specific amount that you have decided to wage. For the purposes of measuring the performance of our expert tipster, one unit represents $100. So if an expert tipster has produced a profit of 60 units, this would represent 60 units x $100 = $6,000 profit.  

What is the maximum unit stake I can place on one tip?

Ten units. We cannot accept any replica tips (even where the odds or units vary slightly) and any such replica tips will be attributed an NR. This prevents tipsters "chasing losses" and goes against a prudent money management policy.

How do I sign up as a subscriber?

Easy, simply click on this link 'Subscribe to an Expert Tipster' and follow the instructions.

How do I sign up as a tipster?

Easy, simply click on this link 'Become an Expert Tipster' and follow the instructions.

As a tipster what sports can I provide tips on?

Any sport you would like to tip on from AFL to Beer Pong that has a market in the online Sportsbooks. If the sport is not listed then you can easily tip on that sport by choosing the 'other' sports option.

Can I submit tips for horse racing that include the Quadrella or Big 6?

Unfortunately, at this stage we will not be accepting these bets on the system.

Can I submit tips once the game or event has started?

Unfortunately, at this stage we will not be accepting live bets for a game.

Can I submit tips that include multiple legs?

Yes, you may include tips that include multiple legs. Be sure to be entirely clear about what each sport is and include detail of the corresponding leg. Please make sure the sport and the corresponding leg are in the same order when completing the "Sport" and the "Tip" fields. Eg. "Sport: Other - AFL: Collingwood V St Kilda, Tennis: ATP French Open - Djokovic V Nadal" then "Tip: Collingwood win into Nadal win"

Can I submit tips for player markets of more than two players?

Yes, so long as you include all of the players in the description of the tip the result will stand.
Eg. "Most possessions - Selwood to beat Johnson, Kelly, Corey and Bartel".