Sports Betting Strategy

Downfall of most Gamblers

Similar to the stock market or real estate, sports investment is a long term venture that can reap consistent high returns if executed correctly.

However it is widely known that over 95% of all gamblers fail to make money on sports betting, yet billions of dollars are continually plunged on sports around the world daily.

So why do most gamblers find it so difficult to make a consistent profit?

The main reason is poor money management. Finding winning picks isn’t actually that difficult and there are many punters who can do so consistently, but very few have a system to managing their money.

Betting $15 on one game and $100 on another leads to volatility and ultimately losing most, if not all of your money. Doubling down after each losing bet isn’t exactly a sustainable system either, because if you understand probability you will soon realise that the previous bet has no impact on the future result and this strategy is the quickest way to lose a lot of money in a hurry! Money Management is without a doubt the least understood aspect of successful sports betting, yet the most important.

Coupled with poor money management, 95% of gamblers are just that, gamblers.

How many gamblers bet on events or sports that they know very little about? How many gamblers bet on unpredictable sports where the only winners will ever be the bookmakers? How many gamblers try to recoup past losses on one ‘hot tip’, because a friend of a friend gave them a ‘sure thing’. Sounds like most of us unfortunately, however there is the 5% of pro gamblers who view sports betting as an investment and practice in sports investment.


Sports Investment

So what is your first step?

1. Bankroll

You must establish a fund strictly used for your sports betting, otherwise known as your ‘bankroll’. As a prudent sports investment site, we would advise that you only use money that you can afford to lose.

Whilst many firmly believe sports investment can supplement, if not replace your income in time, never under any circumstances use your rent money, mortgage repayments or the kid’s trust fund as your bankroll. Be patient and only start with what you can afford, but you will soon see your money grow if executed correctly.

Now that you have established your bankroll, you need to have a system of how much to bet on each event. As a rule, never bet anymore than 2.5% - 5% of your entire bank roll. The reason for this is like with any investment, you will have bad runs so betting conservatively will mitigate even the worst of streaks and help keep your bankroll in tact. We would advise for the conservative investor to start at 2.5% of your bankroll, whilst the riskier investor can bet up to 5% of their bankroll on any one event.


If you start with a $1,000 bankroll, bet no more than $50 on the one event. For example in the AFL, you bet $50 that Saints will beat Collingwood @ $1.90. If the Saints win, the $45 in winnings gets added to your bankroll which now increases to $1,045. The next bet is once again 5% of your bankroll, but notice you have slightly increased your bet whilst only risking 5%. i.e. New amount to bet is 5% of $1,045 = $52.25.

On the other hand, if you lose your Saints bet your new bankroll is $950 ($1,000 - $50) and your next bet will be $47.50 (i.e. 5% x $950). Once again we stick with betting no more than 5%, because if you do experience long periods where the losses outnumber the wins (and it will happen at some stage!), by keeping bets to 5% you minimise those loses whilst protecting your bankroll ensuring you make it near impossible to ever get wiped out.

Now that we have established a bank roll then what?

2. Winning Percentage of Bets/Units

This step is the fun part and whilst it may sound logical, it is often misunderstood - hitting a winning percentage of above 52.36%.

Would you believe that you can make an incredible profit from hitting just 56% of your bets! From the example below, you will see that the average bet has odds of $1.91 and if you place 1000 bets over the course of the year and hit 56%, your profit is an outstanding $6,960!! That is a return on equity of 348% per annum, far better than any property returns and most stocks.

Even with a winning percentage of 54%, you will still profit a staggering $3,140 for the year.

So imagine what happens when you actually have a bigger bankroll and increase the size of your bets accordingly (i.e. 5% rule), the returns grow at a phenomenal rate and this is the secret to a successful sports investor. In fact, at odds of a $1.91 (your typical handicap or even money line bets) the breakeven percentage is 52.36%.

The pro gamblers, or sports investors, understand this and realise they only need to hit a moderate winning percentage to make an incredible profit, but must do so with a diligent money management system and finding good reliable tips.

At BetEdge, you will notice that whilst we disclose all our expert tipster’s winning percentages, we will rank each tipster by their units won. Most of our tipsters are not handicappers (i.e. don’t always advise on $1.91 handicap/even money line bets) therefore they offer tips with varying odds each game, which is why the overall units profit of each tipster will instantly allow you to calculate your profits had you followed their tips.

For example, if an expert tipster is showing a unit profit of 250 units for the year and you bet $10 per unit, your overall profit is $2,500. Let’s say you have a bigger bankroll and you bet $100 per unit, your profit would equate to a whopping $25,000 for the year. A staggering result and one that you would be hard pressed to be found in other investment vehicles.

So where do we find good tips or expert tipsters with good consistent winning percentages and units profit?

3. Expert Tipsters at BetEdge

You will find these winning tips and tipsters at BedEdge.

A good tipster is in essence a specialist consultant - a sports betting consultant. Like many consultants some will charge a fee for their service but not at BetEdge in which the entire website and services are completely FREE. All our tipsters betting records can be thouroughly analysed by visiting the Tipsters Profile page. Here you will find many statistical cateogires by sport and time period(s) helping you decide if a tipster's tips are worth considering. You also can interact which each tipster by rating them and commenting on their board. All tips provided on our website will be accompanied with a short commentary giving you further information required to help judge whether you will or will not consider a tip.

As part of our ongoing changes we will soon be introducing competitions issuing monthly prizes to those tipsters topping our leaderboard. This should further ensure that BetEdge attracts the very best tipsters the market has to offer.



With the property or stock market there will always be peaks and troughs, but overall you can expect a consistent return on your investment. The same holds true for sports betting, in that over the long haul most professional tipsters or advisors make money, but unfortunately there will be losing days and in some occasions losing weeks over the course of a season.

Therefore to further mitigate the losing streaks that a professional tipster may experience from time to time, we would use the same technique investors use to build a well balanced stock portfolio – diversification. This technique is specifically designed to avoid over exposure to any one stock in the event it does not perform. This same principle would apply to professional tipsters. Why over expose your bankroll to just one tipster or sport when you can subscribe to a number of good tipsters, vastly decreasing the chance of a losing week or month and also increasing your number of bets, leading to a greater profit in the long run.

As you can see all you require is a good money management system and a good tipster to make money from sports betting. Sports Investment is the term coined by the small minority who actually make good returns from betting, whilst the other 95% of gamblers will continue to lose millions of dollars daily. These gamblers will never take the time to learn and understand the ins and outs of sports investing and will continue ‘gambling’ for the rest of their lives… and no one ever makes consistent returns from gambling except the government (via taxes), casino’s and bookmakers!