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  • Who are we?

    BetEdge is a sports betting network which brings together the best sports betting tipsters from around the world. At BetEdge we offer you the chance to interact with other sports tipsters and benefit from a collective knowledge base:

    1. By choosing to "follow" one of our BetEdge Tipsters to start receiving their tips, taking the hassle out of finding winning tips yourself and potentially providing you with excellent profits/returns on your investment.

    2. By registering as a tipster with us and providing your own tips to our ever growing BetEdge community. Naturally you will need to prove yourself firstly by providing consistent winning tips and more importantly generating a profit in your record over a period of time. However, if you can do this and match it with the professionals we will do your marketing and our leaderboard will guide the BetEdge community to follow your services.  Periodically we reward our most successful tipsters who have managed to show a good return and develop a strong loyal list of "Followers".

    We are the first organisation to provide this service for sports in the Asia-Pacific. BetEdge was founded by team of betting professionals who have pooled resources and intellectual property to bring our users a unique edge to the world of sports betting.

    How are we different?

    There are far too many sports betting ‘experts’ or ‘tipsters’ out there who promise the world, but continually under deliver. 

    We certainly do not promise the world as only a small minority of bettors will ever make a successful living from sports betting. BetEdge is about building a community of like-minded sports tipsters who can benefit from interacting with one another.

    Furthermore, at Betedge, we offer you the unique chance to become your very own BetEdge tipster. If think you can cut it with the best tipsters and haven’t had the chance to display your skills, well at Betedge we offer you that chance. Register and provide us with your tips and if you produce successful, consistent returns for a reasonable period of time, it’s only natural for people to take note and sign up to your services.

    BetEdge Tipster (Tip Provider) 

    Unlike many tipster services, we monitor and record a fully audited history of all of our registered BetEdge tipsters and display their most recent 20 results in their profile to enable you to make an informed choice.

    Just for fun!

    Jump on, sign up and have a play around with our user friendly system - if nothing else, BetEdge offers you a way to track your results for you! Are you the best sports tipster out of all of your friends?!


  • At BetEdge we are about bringing the betting community together and pooling our collective knowledge for the benefit of our followers.

    Given the staged approach we’ve taken to launching this business, we will open up the floor to you our BetEdge followers to try your hand at the BetEdge system and potentially become one of our Expert Tipsters. What this means is that everything will be free! Open access to being your own BetEdge Tipster! Open access to subscribing to anyone who has registered themselves with BetEdge as a trial Expert Tipster!

    If it’s all free why would I want to sign up as a BetEdge Tipster?

    Firstly, we will be periodically running cash competitions which will span various time frames (30 day, 90 day, etc) across various sports and sports betting markets. Be the best performed Expert Tipster across the duration of the competition and you take home the cash! Simple and all for a bit of your time doing something you enjoy and probably already do!

    Secondly, when you sign up as a BetEdge Tipster you get your own profile page which allows you to track your own performance via BetEdge performance graphs and tables. Your record is also tracked against the rest of the trial Expert Tipsters on the BetEdge Tipster leader board.  There’s nothing like a leader board to spark some healthy competition between you and your friends.

     Once you have registered you will be taken back to the home page, however this time you notice a new option, “Submit Tips”. Click on this and it will take you into your personal BetEdge Tipster administration page. Here you will be able to complete a number of required fields that will enable you to begin submitting tips, build a track record and potentially a following.

    Why subscribe to a trial BetEdge Tipster?

    Because it’s free! If some of the trial BetEdge Tipsters are performing way above the rest of the field why wouldn’t you want to follow their tips for free and make a tidy profit on the side with your own sports betting accounts.

    Am I locked in if I register up?

    No - You may choose to have yourself removed from the BetEdge system at any time so don’t feel like you are locking yourself into something because you are not. This open website policy is so you can check out all areas and be comfortable with the BetEdge system.

    To sum it up

    Transparency is the key. We want to make sure the entire BetEdge following is comfortable with our system and enjoys the whole experience. What better way than to start by giving the entire BetEdge following complete access to all areas of our site. This may change in the future, so be sure to sign up and get involved.

    Where Prohibited by Local Laws you cannot become a BetEdge Tipster at BetEdge. We encourage all members to check their local, state, and federal laws prior to purchasing or enrolment. BetEdge Tipsters must be over 18 years of age.